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In 2007 we started making Orgonite products with the idea of doing something positive for our environment and to transfer negative energy into positive energy, creating a more balanced energy field around us all.
Orgonite is based on a mixture of metal shavings, resin, various crystals and copper coils.
It comes in various shapes: muffin shaped garden busters and home busters, pyramids, pendants, dog tags, key rings etc.
For cell phones we developed highly successful cell phone protectors: small flat, round devices that reduce the harmful radiation. Many people already benefited from these devices.
Our latest product is a Router WIFI Buster, that reduces the radiation, coming from our WIFI Routers and Laptops/iPads in the house.
Our orgonites are also a joy to watch and will fit in any home design possible

What we offer
• Garden Busters
• Home Busters
• Personal Busters
• Pyramids small, medium and large
• Pendants
• Cones
• Cellphone protectors
• WIFI Orgonite Busters
• Key rings
• Dog tags
• Orgonite Hearts

Where to find us
All our products are available and for sale at Craft Shop and Teagarden SPOOKASEM on the Rheenendal Road, about 8 km from the N2 Turnoff.
Travel on the N2 through Sedgefield towards Knysna. On the final hill as you start to descend down towards the Knysna lagoon turn left onto the Rheenendal Road. Drive 8km and you will see Spookasem Tea Garden on the right.
From Plettenberg Bay
Travel through Knysna on the N2, around the lagoon towards Sedgefield, crossing the white bridge over the lagoon, travel up the hill and turn right onto the Rheenendal Road. Drive 8km you will see Spookasen Tea Garden on the right.
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Mancy & Henk van Wagtendonk (Rheenendal).

Tel: 044 3884871

Guido Cornelissen (Knysna).

Tel: 044 3826016


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