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Many years ago, our great-grandmothers used to collect lye water (from water that had run through ashes) and stir that into a pot of lard, making soap.  They were hard bars used for washing dishes, clothes, their bodies and hair and which were part of the self sustaining lifestyle people lived back then.
In starting up Nourish Natural Soap, I am trying to regenerate this passion and supply you with a product that has been made with love and pure enjoyment.  Over the past two years I have been tweaking and adjusting my soap recipe to create the perfect creamy and natural bar of soap. With added butters, clays and teas that moisturize and colour the bars naturally, each bar is divinely unique.

Why visit?
• Handmade soap is made with natural ingredients.  Each bar is made with skin nourishing oils that feed your skin.  My 100% pure coconut bars are filled with anti-oxidants, and have fabulous skin moisturizing properties as well as being anti bacterial.  These oils produce a rich, creamy lather and once you’ve experienced this there is no going back!
• Handmade soap has no preservatives or chemicals that can dry out your skin.  The natural glycerine in each bar will help soften and moisturize your skin enormously.  You may find that you need a lot less body lotion once you start using natural soap.
• Each bar is hand cut, and therefore unique in its size and shape.  Each different type is made with love and care and has been tested by myself and my family. My belief is that you will find each bar beautiful. Beautiful in itself, beautiful in spirit and beautiful in function!
• Nourish soap is gentle enough for all the members of your family.  You can use it to wash your baby, your hair and even your pets!
• Your conscience can be clear when washing with Nourish soap as it will leave no harsh chemicals in the environment.  Each bar is lovingly wrapped in eco friendly packaging and all the ingredients are locally sourced and clearly labelled on the back of each bar.

Where to find us
‘Carpe Diem’ (name of the small holding) Farm Westford 191/5, Rheenendal Road.
Drive 5.8 km down the Rheenendal road after turning off from the N2.  You will pass Phantom Pass on your right and shortly after will see some properties on your left.  ‘Carpe Diem - ten Velde’ is the name of our family farm and the driveway takes you along a beautiful dam.
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Pauline Susman (owner).

Tel: 044 3884664
Cell: 079 667 3038



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