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Honeychild - Pure Natural Raw Honey
Several years ago Owen Williams and Meagan Vermaas started Honeychild after moving up to Knysna from Cape Town, from financial services and the restaurant trade - into Beekeeping. What a wonderful adventure to be working with these amazing Honeybees.

Why visit?
What makes HoneyChild unique is that it is a small, family run business. We are the only ones that open our hives, tend the honeybees and harvest the honey - hand selecting each frame of 100% capped honey. Making sure to leave enough honey behind for the honeybees too. Each hive is cared for , never pushed into over production, never fed sugar or pollen substitutes. HoneyChild : Pure Natural Raw Honey - you can taste
that it's made by bees that are loved.

What we offer
Honeychild offers pure ,natural and raw honey - freshly harvested from the Fynbos and Forests of Rheenendal and Knysna, Safe,gentle and natural Bee Removals to relocate problem swarms one on one tuition in the art and
adventure of Beekeeping. Twice yearly Beekeeping for Beginners Courses in April and November Advanced Beekeeping Course once a year in March School Outings and Educationals Beekeeping Field Tour: a morning as a Beekeeper, opening hives in full safety gear.Discover the amazing world of the Cape Honeybee and the journey
from flower to honey pot.

Where to find us
We work from Sedgefield and Wilderness up to, and as far as, Harkerville and Plettenberg Bay.
We run our courses from Rheenendal.
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Owen Williams or Meagan Vermaas (owners).

Cell: 078 724 6425 or 073 3636 522



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