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Caroline Wright: Iím a second generation psychic, medium and spiritual counsellor. I work directly with spirit guides and angels to offer wisdom, clarity and loving support.

What we offer
Spiritual Life Counselling: My guides, though me, help you to:
• Gain clarity on various aspects of your life. Are you on the right track?
• Gain understanding and insight into your relationships and whatís going on with the people in your life.
• Gain a higher perspective and reframe past and current experiences.
• Identify old patterns that are holding you back and wounds that need healing.
• Get inspiration for the future as well as help you avoid or deal with difficult circumstances.
• Learn about past life situations that are affecting you now.
Chakra Readings
• See how you and someone youíre involved with relate across the different chakras.
• Identify stuck energy, problem areas and how to improve them. This requires both people being present.
• Your loved ones and angelic helpers love to come through with love and support. I can help you to:
• Communicate with individuals whoíve crossed over.
• Get clarity, understanding, healing and closure with individuals on the other side.
• Identify your spirit guides and angels, find out their roles in your life, and help you access their unconditional love and support.
Space Clearing: Iím available to:
• Remove old and stuck negative energy.
• Identify and remove unwanted entities.
Animal Communication: I can help you to:
• Find out the status of a lost animal.
• Help you find a lost animal.
• Communicate with one or more animals to solve problems.

Readings and sessions typically last from 1 to 2 hours.

Where to find us
Readings take place at Spookasem, Rheenendal Rd.
From the Rheenendal turn-off from the N2, follow the tar road for 8km. Look out for the Spookasem sign and flags on your right.
•GPS co-ordinates:
•Distance from Rheenendal turn-off:

Caroline Wright.

Cell: 079 575 8836
Skype: carolineiswright


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