7 Passes Swap Shop
The 7 Passes Swap Shop began in September 2011, at the Rheenendal Primary School and operates every Monday afternoon. Over 500 kids and a growing number of adults have passed through the doors bringing in an incredible amount of recyclable waste: almost 1.5tons every month!
For many of the kids, it is the first time they have been able to choose something for themselves in a shop, something they’ve always wanted - a teddy bear, pencil crayons, shoes, gumboots or puzzles. The expression on their faces is pure delight!

Why visit us?
• Pop in on a Monday and experience firsthand a successful and truly remarkable community upliftment project.
• Come meet the kids and get a taste of the vibrant heart of this beautiful area.
• As the only recycling operation in Rheenendal, you’re more than welcome to drop off your recycling. We take glass, paper, cardboard, clean bottles and tins.
• Drop off a bag of goodies for the shop. One person’s waste is another person’s treasure.’ (Please see our wish list for further info.)
• The shop is always in need of extra stock. The greater the variety of items that are offered leads directly to a greater interest. This then has the following effect :-
• An increase in environmental awareness and waste management, through less recyclable materials unnecessarily going into overflowing landfills.
• A quantifiable social impact on impoverished households (over half the community is unemployed) as every cent saved through acquisition of goods through the Swap Shop, allows for freedom of spending elsewhere.

Wish list
• Sporting goods
• Non-perishable food parcels
• Stationary
• Shoes
• Gum boots
• Blankets
• Worker overalls
• Toys

The 7 Passes Swap Shop is a project of Seven Keys (NPO 100-954). It operates entirely through the kindness and generosity of private individuals. Should you wish to make a financial contribution, please contact us directly for further information. Every little bit helps.

Where to find us
The brightly coloured container on the corner of the school field.
Rheenendal Primary School
Walker Road
From Totties Farm Kitchen, continue west along the Rheenendal Road and take your first left into Walker Road. Continue for about 500m and turn right into the school parking lot. Look across the school field and there you shall find us. Welcome!
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Gareth Pretorius (Project co-ordinator, Seven Keys).

Cell: 082 696 7882



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